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"What a strange religion medicine makes. It's the only religion that is
federally backed, and that can't be questioned openly without

by Ingri Cassel 

1. George W. Bush has said of smallpox vaccination: "One of my
concerns if we were to have universal vaccination, some might lose their
life." ~The Times (in London), November 09, 2001.

2. For each million people vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine, as
many as 250 could die, according to the American Medical Association.
Multiply 250 times 285 (millions of Americans) and the possible deaths
from universal smallpox vaccination could equal 71,250. ~ Journal of
the American Medical Association, June 9, 1999, Vol. 281, No. 22, p.

3. "The American Medical Association said on Tuesday it was not in
favor of an immediate mass U.S. smallpox vaccination program, saying
the potential threat of a bioterror attack did not warrant inoculating
every American against the disease." ~Reuters, December 12, 2001.

4. "Right now the risk of getting the vaccine is higher than the benefit
You could get a secondary infection, a full-blown systemic infection."
~Marie Rau, Panhandle Health District nurse, quoted by The
Spokesman-Review, November 20, 2001.

5. CDC director Jeffrey Koplan has admitted that universal smallpox
vaccination could unleash a significant number of side- effects. He said
that because many parts of our population do not have a "robust immune
system," a fair number of people could have serious reactions.
~Koplan speaking on the PBS special "Bioterror Propaganda" aired by
WETA, November 14, 2001.

6. If the entire nation were to receive a smallpox vaccine, several
thousand people would likely develop encephalitis, an inflammation of
the brain. ~Washington Post, Dec. 26, 2001.

7. Roger J. Pomerantz, chief of the infectious disease department at
Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, said that doctors have no
idea what the smallpox vaccine might do to people at the extremes of
life--less than 2 and older than 65. He said that an even greater concern
would be its effect on people with weakened immune systems from
HIV infection, chemotherapy or transplants. ~Washington Post, Dec. 26,

8. "Researchers have been reluctant to recommend a new vaccination
program which would use the smallpox vaccine for the local population
because the vaccine can cause disease and death in persons with
inadequate immune systems." ~Science, Vol. 277, July 18, 1997, pp.

9. Routine smallpox vaccination in the United States ended in 1972.
Officials are hesitant to resume the immunizations because the vaccine
is the most reactive of all and has been linked to serious side effects,
including death. ~ Reuters, November 29, 2001.

10. Eight printed pages of medical studies documenting the many serious
side effects of smallpox vaccination can be obtained at See "smallpox vaccine adverse
reactions 66-76." [Note: go to the home page above and put "smallpox
vaccine adverse reaction" in the search engine.] Repercussions include
serious brain and heart diseases, autism, abnormal chromosomal changes,
diabetes, various cancers and leukemias, plus demyelination of nerve
tissue years after vaccination.

11. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that vaccination must not be forced
on persons whose physical condition would make such vaccination
"cruel and inhuman." In other words, the state has no right to command
that an individual sacrifice his life in the name of public health.
~Jacobsen V. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905).

12. By the 1920s, several British medical researchers documented that
smallpox was not only more common among the VACCINATED, but that the DEATH RATE from smallpox was actually higher among those who
had been vaccinated. This indicates that the vaccine was ineffective and
predisposed vaccinated persons to more lethal disease. ~Vaccination,
Dr. Viera Scheibner, Australia, 1993, pp. 205-220.

13. Getting a vaccination does not guarantee immunity. ~CDC, January
28, 1994.

14. By 1987, scientific evidence indicated that the World Health
Organization's 13-year global smallpox vaccination campaign may have
awakened dormant HIV infection in many vaccines. ~Times (in London) May 11, 1987.

15. Vaccines made from animal substrate contain animal viruses that are
impossible to filter out. By 1961, scientists discovered that animal
viruses in vaccines, including smallpox, could act as a carcinogen when
given to mice in combination with cancer-causing chemicals, even in
amounts too small to induce tumors alone. They concluded that vaccine
viruses function as a catalyst for tumor production. ~Science, December
15, 1961.

16. Some of the new smallpox vaccine doses will be created with animal
substrate. Because the vaccine will incorporate vaccinia, the cowpox
virus, many wonder about possible mad-cow contamination. Fifty-five
million doses of the new vaccine will be created using a cell line
dating back to 1966 and cultured from the lung tissues of an aborted
human fetus. ~World Net Daily, December 4, 2001.

17. The new smallpox vaccine will be genetically engineered. Many
scientists believe that genetically engineered vaccines may be
responsible for the global epidemic of auto-immune disease and
neurological dysfunction. ~American College of Rheumatology, annual
meeting, Nov. 8-12, 1998. Merck's genetically engineered hepatitis B
vaccine, Recombivax HB, is a classic example. According to Dr. Bonnie
Dunbar of Baylor College of Medicine, many thousands of reported adverse
reactions to the hepatitis B vaccine include: chronic fatigue,
neurological disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and MS-like disease.
~Testimony of Dr. Dunbar to Texas Dept. of Health, March 12, 1999.
Over 15,000 French citizens sued the French government to stop mandatory
hepatitis B injections for school children because of resulting
auto-immune diseases. ~Science, July 31, 1998. Dr. John Classen has
published voluminous data showing that the hepatitis B and other
vaccines are closely linked to the development of insulin dependent 
diabetes. ~Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice, October 22, 1997.

18. The British vaccine manufacturer Medeva has a horrendous record of
contamination and blunders. In 2000, the FDA found that Medeva was
making vaccines in conditions of filth, resulting in contaminated
products. Medeva had been illegally using bovine medium to culture its
polio vaccines, then lied about it. Medeva also used the blood of a
Creutzfeldt-Jakob victim (mad cow) to manufacture 83,000 doses of polio
vaccine used for (against?) Irish children. Nevertheless, the FDA
allowed the USA to accept Medeva's flu vaccine (Fluvirin) for the year
2000. ~London Observer series: October 20-26, 2000.

19. In 2001, the British socialized health care system was reported to
be in a state of collapse, with many hospitals and labs operating in
abysmal filth. Five thousand people die each year from infections
contracted in British hospitals; 10,000 become deathly ill from such
infections. Sterilization procedures are barely adequate and said to be
risking the spread of mad cow disease. Government ministers are
reportedly trying to hush up the scandal. 06, 2001;
The Sunday Times of London, November 12, 2001.

20. The U.S. government apparently intends to conduct NO double blind
studies on the safety and efficacy of the new smallpox vaccine. It has
ordered 286 million doses, one for every man, woman and child in America
at a cost of $428 million. At least half of this vaccine will be
delivered by Acambis PLC of great Britain.

One Example:
After being deployed to Iraq for just nine days, Lance Corporal Josef Lopez of Missouri ended up paralyzed in a coma and unable to breathe on his own. Had he been shot? Had his truck come too close to a roadside bomb? No. Lopez suffered a violent reaction to a smallpox vaccine administered by the military. Three years later, Lopez still had to wear a urine bag, walked with a limp, suffered short-term memory loss, and was taking fifteen pills a day to control leg spasms. He was rejected for GI benefits because benefits are not given for disease, illness or preventative medicine.

Tip of the Week: Keep all vaccine needles away from your body!

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ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated - Every Last One of Them
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"The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination" - Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Have you been rushing out to get a yearly flu vaccine or diligently taking your children for the 40 or so mandated childhood vaccines?

That's really a shame because you have unwittingly been trading a run-of-the-mill flu or just the measles, for loading up you or your children's bodies with cancer and other deadly viruses, a destructive bacteria, a chemical selected to damage fertility, and with synthetic DNA that threatens to damage your own DNA - the biologic code for your existence.

Who is saying the vaccines are contaminated?

None other than the (now deceased) head of vaccines at Merck, Dr. Maurice Hillerman, who on camera admitted that Merck's Hepatitis B vaccines, contaminated with a virus, caused the AIDS epidemic in the US. He went on to say that all of Merck's vaccines are contaminated with cancer and other viruses. (The US government has conceded the HEP B vaccine causes Lupus. That vaccine is mandated for every infant in the US on the day of birth, and is associated with MS as well.)

For Jews who have almost religiously believed in medical authorities about vaccines and poo-pooed those worried about the safety of vaccines, they might want to notice that Hillerman was Jewish.

Or they might recognize that so is Dr. Larry Palevsky, a board certified NY pediatrician, who for ten years routinely gave vaccines to his patients until he noticed them losing eye contact and then began looking into the vaccines he had blindly trusted. He found that they are ALL contaminated with viruses that are so small they can never be removed. He no longer gives any vaccines. He now treats his young patients for autism and other neurologic injuries from vaccines.

Donald W. Scott, the editor of The Journal of Degenerative Diseases and the co-founder of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, links vaccines to AIDS (as did Hillerman) and to US bio-weapons research, and says they are contaminated with mycoplasma, a primitive bacteria that takes apart cell walls.

Perhaps the highest scientific authority saying vaccines are contaminated is Garth Nicolson. He is a cell biologist and editor of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Metastasis, and the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. He is one of the most cited scientists in the world, having published over 600 medical and scientific peer-reviewed papers, edited over 14 books, and served on the editorial boards of 28 medical and scientific journals. He is not just saying that vaccines are contaminated with mycoplasma but is warning the US that they are. Nicolson goes further and says that we are all being damaged by them and contracting chronic degenerative diseases.

That damage translates into lifelong patients (and thus life-long profit) for the pharmaceutical industry making the vaccines and he says doesn't appear to be accidental. 

All the vaccines mandated to children and many other vaccines as well, including the seasonal flu vaccines being mandated to health care workers, are contaminated with polysorbate 80, the central ingredient in a pharmaceutical industry patent to damage fertility. The pharmaceutical industry has a long history of seeking a vaccine that would covertly sterilize whole populations. So, in addition to being contaminated with cancer and other viruses, and with the bacteria mycoplasma, vaccines are intentionally "contaminated" with a chemical as well, which is, given the patent, a "patently" sought-after sterilizing agent.

Beyond containing polysorbate 80 and cancer and other viruses, and likely mycoplasma, the Gardasil vaccines are contaminated in an additional way. It and all the new vaccines are contaminated with genetically engineered DNA. It can contaminate people's DNA, just as genetically engineered crops can contaminate normal crops. Gardasil itself is contaminated with a man-made version of the HPV DNA, the very virus it was supposed to protect against, which now threatens not only altering kids' healthy DNA with synthetic DNA (!) but with a diseased version. 

Gardasil was suspended in India after 4 girls died but the killing has gone on in the US despite the confirmed deaths of 100 girls and now the CDC, with special ties to Merck, its maker, wants all boys to take it, too.

Informed consent is the core of the Nuremberg Code that was created by the Nuremberg Tribunal to keep the pharmaceutical industry from ever again committing the hideous "medical" abuses it did during the Holocaust. In California, Jerry Brown is dismantling informed consent in order to get these deadly vaccines associated with infertility, into all school children. And it was during the Holocaust that the pharmaceutical companies experimented on Jewish women prisoners at Auschwitz to develop a vaccine that sterilized covertly. Henry Kissinger recommended the development of covertly sterilizing vaccines in a major report to the US government and as late as 2009 a Finnish Health Minister said he was behind the H1N1 vaccine that was meant to lower population.

Jerry Brown has just signed into law a bill that will allow children as young as 12 to decide whether to take a vaccine for sexually transmitted disease. Parental consent is not needed and parents will not even be allowed knowledge as to whether the child has taken the vaccine. Merck's Hepatitis B vaccine is one that is included, as is another Merck vaccine, Gardasil, allegedly for ovarian cancer. A Gardasil researcher says there is no evidence it works. "This raises questions about the CDC's recommendation that the series of shots be given to girls as young as 11-years old. 'If we vaccinate 11 year olds and the protection doesn't last... we've put them at harm from side effects, small but real, for no benefit,' says Dr. Harper. 'The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers … ' "

Current Data for Gardasil up to AUG 12, 2011 
Disabled - 763 
Deaths - 103 
Did Not Recover - 4777 
Abnorm. Pap Smear - 430 
Cervical Dysplasia - 157 
Cervical Cancer - 41 
Life Threatening - 444 
Emergency Rm. Visit - 9115 
Hospitalized - 2307 
Extended Hosp. Stay - 201 
Serious - 3111 
Adverse Events - 23,388

But these figures are based on statistics from medical professionals who do not wish to be sued. In reality, "less than 10% of deaths, seizures, paralysis, etc., are being reported as caused by the vaccinations that doctors gave in their office. 

The following real-world estimates are based on reports from a law firm: 
840 young girls and 2 boys have died after receiving the Gardasil HPV Vaccine 201,010 young girls have suffered debilitating events such as fatigue, seizures, paralysis, etc. after receiving the Gardasil HPV Vaccine. 

The California law even approves in advance, ALL yet-to-be made (and completely untested) vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases, though of the two current Merck vaccines they are pushing on children, one Merck vaccine caused AIDS and causes Lupus and the other Merck vaccine is contaminated in multiple ways and proving highly lethal. Children will be the ones who decide whether to take the vaccines, and they will make that decision after being forced to see videos of people dying terrible deaths from cancer. Not only would the vaccine be given without parental consent, but parents are denied knowledge that the vaccine is going to be given or that it was given. If the child has a seizure or dies afterward, parents may not see their own children's medical records.

This is what is left of the "informed consent" meant to provide human rights to protect the world from pharmaceutical industry abuses against mankind.

After World War II, it was Merck which received the flight capital of the pharmaceutical industry indicted for crimes against humanity, human enslavement and mass murder. 

In the case of children, rather than their facing childhood diseases of insignificant threat, they are, by legal mandate, being bombarded repeatedly throughout their childhood with viruses that cause diseases (including cancer), a cell-destroying bacteria, and a threat to the very integrity of their DNA, and a chemical specifically chosen to impair fertility. And laws are being written to add to the already long list of vaccines they must take, including two mandated Merck vaccines. One is an old Merck vaccine that caused AIDS and is causing Lupus. The other is a Merck vaccine claiming to prevent cervical cancer though girls have little chance of contracting it in the first place (and boys, none!) and it can easily be detected by pap smear and treated successfully and there is NO evidence the vaccine prevents it. Meanwhile, it is killing children.

Contamination of the polio vaccine and the continuing effects.
FACT: Before the Polio Vaccine, there had never been a virus from another species deliberately injected into humans.

FACT: 61% of all human tumors (at autopsy) now contain the SV40 monkey virus, traceable to the Polio vaccine of the 1950s and 60s

FACT: CUTTER vaccine division and WYETH produced a deadly Polio vaccine with a live virus that actually gave the recipient POLIO

FACT: All above information was withheld from the public for years to avoid a public panic and to prevent a loss of faith in vaccines. Polio was a very rare infectious disease that presented little risk to the public, but the risk was greatly exaggerated by the Polio Foundation before the introduction of the polio vaccine, the miracle vaccine - contaminated with a monkey virus which has been the cause of soft tissue cancers for decades since.

Though facing no serious health risk, people are paying to have their bodies contaminated by contaminated vaccines. In taking vaccines, they are trading the minimal risk of even contracting common diseases and which themselves are rarely dangerous and can be treated if contracted - for the absolute certainty of loading their bodies with

1. cancer and other infectious viruses, 2. a destructive bacteria, and 3. a fertility impairing chemical.

They are doing this because they are being terrorized by their own government with false information on the risks of various diseases and denied critical information on the scientific risk of the vaccines.

Those vaccines without a doubt threaten their own and their children's fertility, and their very lives.

Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not necessary to fight viruses 
Ethan A. Huff
Natural News
March 27, 2012

While the medical, pharmaceutical, and vaccine industries are busy pushing new vaccines for practically every condition under the sun, a new study published in the journal Immunity completely deconstructs the entire vaccination theory. It turns out that the body’s natural immune systems, comprised of both innate and adaptive components, work together to ward off disease without the need for antibody-producing vaccines.

The theory behind vaccines is that they mimic infection by spurring B cells, one of the two major types of white blood cells in the immune system, to produce antibodies as part of the adaptive immune system. It is widely believed that these vaccine-induced antibodies, which are part of the more specific adaptive immune system, teach the immune system how to directly respond to an infection before the body becomes exposed to it.

But the new research highlights the fact that innate immunity plays a significant role in fighting infections, and is perhaps more important than adaptive immunity at preventing or fighting infections. In tests, adaptive immune system antibodies were shown unable to fight infection by themselves, which in essence debunks the theory that vaccine-induced antibodies serve any legitimate function in preventing or fighting off infection.

“Our findings contradict the current view that antibodies are absolutely required to survive infection with viruses like VSV (vesicular stomatitis virus), and establish an unexpected function for B cells as custodians of macrophages in antiviral immunity,” said Dr. Uldrich H. von Andrian from Harvard Medical School. “It will be important to further dissect the role of antibodies and interferons in immunity against similar viruses that attack the nervous system, such as rabies, West Nile virus, and Encephalitis.”

As explained by Dr. Russell Blaylock in a recent interview with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, vaccines not only do not work as advertised, but they actually damage the body’s innate immunity. Rather than teach the body how to respond to infections, vaccines actually inhibit the immune system’s ability to produce TH2-type cytokines, and suppress cellular immunity, which is how the body protects itself against deadly viruses and bacteria.

So once again, the myth that vaccinations serve any sort of legitimate medical purpose has been deconstructed by breakthrough science. Regardless of whether or not the mainstream medical community wants to admit it, pro-vaccine ideology is increasingly finding itself in the dustheap of outmoded pseudoscience.

Quotes by Dr. Andrew Moulden, MD, PhD
“ALL vaccines are causing immediate and delayed, acute and chronic, waxing and  waning, impairments to blood flow, throughout the brain and body. This IS causing us all  to become chronically ill, sick, and causing brain damages along a continuum of  clinically silent to death. This is causing ischemic “strokes”. In some respects, this is also  “aging.” Since the damages are microscopic, we cannot see them as they occur.  However, we can now see the neurological aftermath of these damages – within hours and days of vaccination – all vaccinations.”    

“It is no longer a simple matter of “are vaccines safe?” The repercussions with my  “MASS” discoveries is that the entire medical model collapses, the germs are NOT the  cause of disease, in and of themselves, this was never the truth, it was just theory.” 

"ALL vaccines are and have been causing ischemic (impaired blood flow) damages - to  all - creating a plethora of chronic illnesses, disease, and in some instances...death. The  injury from vaccination is additive, each  vaccination further injures.”  

"Vaccination mankind’s greatest sin can no longer be tolerated only abolished. We have reached a new era of understanding if we do not commit to a new means of treating infectious diseases Armageddon is at our doorstep.” 

"Derailing microscopic blood flow is the key to many diseases. Every vaccination from infantry to adulthood causes the same damages in you whether you receive a diagnostic label or not the damages are additive. Mothers being vaccinated have fetuses or breast feeding infants showing the same damages leading to autism within hours."  

"Each vaccination is causing silent strokes in EVERYBODY. Stop vaccinating these children.” 

"When you impair the brain blood flow by vaccination you can impair the respiration control center which can result in death, we call it SIDS."  

"There is hope for everyone but we have a very sick, sick, corrupt system across the whole planet that has been making us all sick. Who are we trusting?"   

"Science is a tool of truth but when tools are wielded for personal profit truth becomes lost. Science has lied to you, the people in charge have lied to you, we have taken  everything on faith."  

Doctor Moulden presents the indisputable forensic medical evidence for how ALL vaccinations are inducing harmful brain and body damages EVERY time you  "vaccinate". The damages are being caused by an electrostatic as well as an immune induced hypersensitivity response that derails microscopic blood flow and fluid  dynamics. We are seeing the exact same problems from infants to geriatrics. All vaccination produces micro strokes to the brain and elsewhere in your body. Most do not produce overt effects but ALL produce ischemia. Vaccinate enough and the harm can become overt as in misaligned eyes or facial grimaces, can greatly harm as in autism or can kill as in SIDS.

The white blood cells stimulated by vaccination are about three times the diameter of a red blood cell. A red blood cell has a greater diameter than the micro artery delivering oxygen to the individual cell and must deform itself to squeeze through the micro artery.  Too many white blood cells can block the micro arteries causing micro ischemia. Keep in mind the average child is getting one of these white blood cell producing  "vaccinations" a month on average.

"A whole raft of diseases may be caused by micro ischemia; polio, autism, small pox, all the so called childhood developmental diseases, many diseases associated with diabetes, any disease with palsy in the name, any disease with seizure in the name, any disease in the dementia cluster, many mental disorders. There is often a common  problem in all these diseases and we are injecting it in everyone."

"Silent MASS ischemic strokes is how the body caused paralysis and respiratory failure from wild polio virus exposure. This is how death occurred from Smallpox. This is how swine flu vaccine caused paralysis and Guillain-Barre syndrome. This is how thalidomide caused infants to be born with no arms and legs. This is how a series of  anthrax vaccines causes military veterans to give birth to children with no arms and legs 18 months after receiving the vaccine series. This is how Vioxx caused heart attack and stroke. This is how pre-natal German measles caused autism-spectrum and organ damages. This is how a systemic drop in maternal blood pressure, during gestation,  causes Mobius syndrome (and autism-spectrum). This is how repeat vaccination is causing dementia."